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I’m not the best writer which is why I do the Lost in Transit Podcast. However if I feel so inclined to write about a trip, I will do so here. I also share photos.

Washington (Summer 2018)

My brother Joe and I hadn’t had a brothers trip in a few years so I invited him up to the PNW to hang for a few days. On the day that he arrived, we rented a car and decided to roam Washington state. Our first stop was North Cascades National Park.

Day Two - A few years prior, I had hiked Heather Maples Pass with my friend Brian Stowell, and I couldn’t stop telling Joe about how much I enjoyed it. So naturally Joe and I figured it would be a great place to start; but not without a stop at Diablo Lake overlook first. If you’re out of shape like I am- the Heather Maples Pass hike is pretty brutal, 9 miles total with 2400 feet in elevation gain. However, the outstanding views totally make it worth it. We did a lot of stopping along the hike to take in the incredible scenery…and for me to catch my breath. After the hike, we drove a little further to check out a roadside view point before heading back to Mt. Vernon for the evening.

Day Three - We had originally planned to head towards Granite Falls, Washington to do a hike or two and then get dinner with our cousin Dave somewhere in the area that evening. However, the weather had other things in mind. The morning rain was so intense that we just decided to head down to Seattle and check out what the area had to offer such as Snoqualmie Falls, Hendrix Grave, Kurt Cobain’s bench, Pikes Market, and Mopop (mostly for the Pearl Jam Exhibit) before watching the sunset on top of the Space Needle.

Day Four - That evening we acquired a third, my girlfriend, Jessica. Who had taken the 3 hour Bolt Bus from Portland to Seattle to meet us. The next morning we all woke up super early to catch an hour long ferry from Seattle to the Olympic Peninsula in hopes of spending the day wandering around Olympic National Park. After spending most of the morning in transit, we finally reached our first stop at Hurricane Ridge. I have been to that area several times- but Hurricane Ridge had never been open so I was pretty stoked. Second stop we made was Sol Doc Falls. It’s an easy hike with a nice scenic waterfall at the end of the trail. Once we reached the end, I crouched down to take photos of the falls and apparently my phone fell out of my pocket. I didn’t notice my phone was missing until we arrived to the car, so we got to hike the trail twice. After successfully retrieving my phone, we made our way to Forks for some food and to check into our hotel. We ended up killing bout an hour on the beach before a colorful sunset.

Day Five - Another early start for us. We headed to the most North-Western point of the US, Cape Flattery. The cape is a magnificent place with loads of sea stacks and different coves to check out. And sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can see some whales! We spent a good amount of the morning hiking around the area taking photos and being goofy before heading South. We had planned on going to the HOH Rainforest, but eventually decided to skip it and make our last stop Ruby Beach. to our disappointment, the beach was so packed with people that we didn’t really want stick around to long and decided to call it a day. We ended our day in a hilarious yet cozy Tiki Themed A-Frame cabin Air in Oceanside, Washington. We watched the sun go down one last time over the Pacific Ocean.

Day Six - We woke up with only one thing in mind, get to Mt St Helens. None of us had been there before so we took the opportunity to check it out before heading back to Portland. St .Helens did not disappoint.

A little trip to southern Oregon

Jessica and Larissa in the Hot Springs

Jessica and Larissa in the Hot Springs

Sometimes it’s hard to remember the things you do after so much tim has passed but I remember most of this little road trip like it was yesterday, even though it was almost a year ago not.

Jessica, Larissa and I decided to finally make the trip down to some hot springs we’ve seen on instagram a bazillion time, it was the end of February. We figured we would check out the hot spring, some waterfalls and then head to the coast the next day. After Leaving Portland we spent about four hours driving before our first stop at some random waterfall we never got the name off.


Our second stop was the now famous toketee falls. The hike to the falls was covered in snow from a snow storm earlier in the week so it made the 1/2 mile hike a little more difficult. There was so much snow and Ice we couldn’t make the scramble down to the bottom so we took a couple photos and left. Once we get to the turn off for the falls we come to find that the road to get to the falls was close. We ended up hiking the road about 2 miles to the hot springs at one point and time the trail (we are in the woods at this point) was so icy we had to use anything we could get a hold of to pull ourselves up the hill. We had arrived at the right time. There was 6 or 7 people when we arrived but they all left with in the first 15 minutes of us being there. The the place was ours. Around the same time the others left it began to snow making the whole thing just a little more magical.

Jessica and Larissa being Wanderbabes

Jessica and Larissa being Wanderbabes

We had Enjoyed ourselves so long we didn’t really realize it was getting dark out. On our hike back that same hill we had trouble getting up was as equally difficult getting down but we made the hike back in the dark with no problems. The day ended with a denny dinner in Roseburg, Oregon and a night in a cheap motel.


We woke up early and headed towards the coast, weaving in and out of tiny little country towns in the mountains with incredible views of lakes, trees, fog, and clouds. All of the things the Pacific Northwest is known for. Once we finally arrived to the coast we stopped at the Oregon Sand dunes, a 20 plus mile stretch of dunes along the Oregon coast.

Larissa on the dunes

Larissa on the dunes

From the dunes we just slowly made our way back to Portland. It was a nice get away from the city with some outstanding hangs and some ridiculous views. Cant wait to do it again someday.