Lost in Transit Podcast

Episode 38 - The Return of 10 Questions with guest Tayler Steven

Back when I had more guests on the podcast I would do something I called 10 questions with everyone. This weeks podcast is the resurrection of 10 questions with traveler and photographer Tayler Stevens. 

The 10 questions are as follows. 

1) Window or Aisle seat?

2) Least Favorite place in the world?

3) Street food, Delicious or Gross?

4) What is one thing you cannot travel without?

5) Good or Bad What is the most interesting thing you've ever tasted?

6) What is your biggest fear while traveling?

7) What were the first and last countries you visited?

8) Planes, Trains or Automobiles, How do you prefer to travel?

9) If you could travel with one person for one week and then never see or hear from them ever again who would it be?

10) Have you ever been anywhere that turned out to be totally different to how you imagined? If so, How?

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