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Episode 40 - Talking Travels with Jody MacDonald

I am so stoked to bring you this episode with award winning travel photographer Jody MacDonald. In this episode you will hear Jody talk about how she into traveling, creating a kite boarding expedition and sailing around the world. She also tells me about jumping trains in the Sahara and driving a Rickshaw across India. If you are unfamiliar with Jody's body of work you can find it here

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Jody MacDonald  Instagram Twitter

Cabrinha Quest- This is the kite boarding expedition Jody was on for 10 years 

The Adventurists- The company who puts on the Rickshaw race Jody talks about. 

Ami Vitale- National Geographic Photographer I mention from Essentials podcast 

Episode 26 - Travel Essentials from 14 Travel Experts 

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Episode 36 - A conversations with Church of Rad founder, Dean Bruhn

This week I sit down with one of my oldest friends, Dean Bruhn. Dean Is an adventure motorcyclist and founder of an organization called, Church of Rad. Dean and I have planed many trips together but none have ever come to pass. However Dean has been on many moto trips himself. In this episode you'll hear a lot of banter between two old friends about trips and ideas they have had from some time.

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Church of Rad Instagram

The Adventurists

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