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Episode 47 - So how was your trip's Travis Timmons

A few months ago I reached out to some travel podcast hosts to see if they might be interested in cross promoting each others podcasts. Travis was the first to reply. Travis is a dad, husband and avid traveler. In this podcast you can hear him talk about  his podcast So How was the trip as well as get grilled with some classic Lost in transit questions. 


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Episode 44 - Random travel chatter with Josiah Van Dien

It was in late 2012 that a young budding photographer would have to come take photos of me for an AP Magazine article. Ever since we've been great friends. Currently Josiah works for Shawn Mendes but in the past has toured with many bands including Pierce The Veil and We the Kings. On this episode Josiah dive in to an unusual version of the lost in transit 10 questions format. Enjoy this episode of Lost in Transit.

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