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Episode 43 - Social Media and Fake Photo Ops with Sara Melotti

Recently I had the opportunity to chat with Italian travel photographer Sara Melotti. In this episode of the lost in transit podcast we discuss the toxicity of social media, faking an old way of life for a photo op, getting stranded in Indonesia and much more. 


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Episode 33 - How to get your Chinese visa.

So Jessica and I are in the middle of planning a trip to China in May and we needed to get our visas but after finding out the closest consulate was in San Fran we decided to use a 3rd party. After a Google search we found a company with an office in Seattle, We made a day trip out of going and having them do our visas for us. In this episode you will find out how we did our visas for china as well as a trick to get around needing confirmation of where you’re staying. I hope you enjoy the podcast.

Episode 29 - How much do social media influencers contribute to overtourism?

Ive spent most of this week researching overtourism, Im just not fully ready to create the podcast about it yet so I ask the listeners a question. How much do social media influencers and social media in general contribute to overtourism? If you follow us on social media I love to hear what you think or email us at Lostintransitpc@gmail.com